About Us

At Glowonic Cosmetics we not only do skincare but we focus on self care! Our goal is for you to indulge in our products that cater to you and what's best for your skin! We offer a variety of products such as natural whipped body butters, lip scrubs ,body scrubs, face scrubs, lotions, bath soap and much more. We hope you pamper and treat yourself with our skin loving Glowonic products! Don't forget to leave us a review and follow us on our instagram page for the latest updates on new products and promos! @glowoniccosmetics


                                      A message from the founder     

                           Hi there and welcome to Glowonic Cosmetics, my name is Tash and I love all things skin and body care. I have a background in cosmetology and have always dreamed of creating a brand that has quality and value. Like a lot of people I have sensitive skin and most products would cause me to breakout and or have some type of flare up or reaction, and  that`s where my quest began. I started to research and take classes on skincare products and formulations so that I  could become knowledgeable in what ingredients are in cosmetics, how they work and what ingredients should not be in cosmetics.

After researching and trying out different recipe, combinations, and formulations  I discovered what natural products work, how they work together and the affects they have on the skin. Proud to say that our products at Glowonic Cosmetics not only smell great but they also work amazingly well  to treat overall skin problems and concerns. They make your skin glow beautifully.

This is just the beginning we plan on expanding to have a large variety of products for everyone !

Thank you again for supporting Glowonic Cosmetics I really appreciate your support.



Tash Ingram